David Fielding Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Signed


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Design Plus Gallery presents an Original Painting by David Fielding. Acrylic on canvas, the cool hues float about the surface merging and separating again, forms bleeding from underneath. A single dark edge with random squares contrast the field. Artist signature on back, dated 2005. Little evidence of wear.

“I have been an abstract and non-objective painter for twenty years. When a student at the Kansas City Art Institute, I received training in rendering the standard subjects of art: still life, landscape, and the figure. At that time, I became aware of abstract and non-objective painting, the ambiguous nature of which I have continued to find compelling. Inspired by the works of Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, and Eve Hesse and others, my work became increasingly abstract in nature and has remained so for many years.

I am often asked questions about my paintings like: “What is it? What does it mean? Why don’t you paint trees???” All are good questions and unfortunately I have no simple answers. I create the kind of art that inspires me, the art I like to think about, and the art I want to see. I am not unlike any other artists in that I am influenced and inspired by many sources: my environment, the things I hear, love of the land, the artists and artistic traditions of the past. For me painting is a journey. When the painting is done the journey is over, and it is time to start anew.” – David Fielding

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Dimensions 26 x 42 in



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