Dan Jackson Grapes Oil Painting on Panel, Framed


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Design Plus Gallery presents “Grapes” an original Oil Painting by Dan Jackson, 2006. The surprising subject for a stunning still life, the oil painting showcases an everyday snack. Professionally framed in simple white wood. Little evidence of wear; condition is good for age and use.

“Rendered in an arrestingly illusionistic manner, Dan Jackson’s witty, vibrant paintings feature objects of everyday life, such as toys, ceramic figurines, candy, fruit, and flowers. Though still-life painters have traditionally idealized their subjects or imbued them with extra-compositional meaning—as exemplified by Dutch and Flemish still life and vanitas painting—Jackson seeks to destabilize conventions of spectatorship that have long underpinned the Western tradition.”

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Dimensions 29.5 x 25.5 in



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