Csaba Markus Serigraph “Lucia” With Certificate


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Design Plus Gallery presents a Serigraph print entitled ‘Lucia’ from 1997 by Csaba Markus with certificate of authenticity. The subject is a young woman staring out with wide almond eyes. She is surrounded by intricate gold leaf and various broken patterns. 214/385.

“Evoking the elegance of Renaissance art, Csaba Markus masterfully combines Old World ideals and classical mythology with contemporary flair. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, Markus is best known for his “Modern Mona Lisas,” which combines ancient techniques with modern methods to create ethereal portraits of confident and mysterious young women.

Markus was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1953. Growing up in a Communist country, Markus found refuge in Europe’s art museums and baroque architecture. The aspiring artist became fascinated by the work of Renaissance artists like Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Botticelli. These studies inspired him to draw and paint.”

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Dimensions 30.5 x 51 in



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