Claudio Valerio “Pompeii” Oil on Plaster Art Work. Original Price: $2,800


Design Plus Gallery presents a Claudio Valerio “Pompeii” Oil on Plaster Art Work. ” Nalerion grew up in the port areas of Montevideo and Buenos Aires. He’s inspired by the old architecture + communities built by Spanish and Italian immigrants. His paintings conveys the feelings and colors of his memories from his Mediterranean roots. You can almost hear music the music in the streets and the experience of enjoying the wine + food. The media used to convey this unique memory is a plaster with oils. Nalerio adds delicate and amusing details in the final moments of each piece that bring character and humor to the viewer. There is little evidence of wear, art piece is in good condition. Plaster is formed to make a small perimeter + frame which goes around the sides.

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Dimensions 36 x 48 in



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