Catellani & Smith Sorry Giotto 12 LED Pendant. Original Price: $5,423


Design Plus Gallery presents a LED Sorry Giotto 12 by The Catellani & Smith. Both a pendant lamp and a floor lamp. Designed by Enzo Catellani in 2012. Its annular light body made of Blue hand painted copper is clamped by means of a tensioning cable and a base made of waxed iron between floor and ceiling. The Sorry Giotto collection belongs to the family Eco Logic Light shine. In this large group modern, energy-saving LED lights are summarized which are regarded as particularly environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Handcrafted in Italy, close to the banks of the river Serio, near Bergamo. This lighting beauty is an art piece on its own. Light up any room in your space.

“I wanted to recreate one of the simplest, cleanest shapes: the circle. I tried, making a lamp that was minimally ‘Intrusive’. When I switched it on, its name came to me immediately: Sorry Giotto”. – Enzo Catellani

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Dimensions 47 x 1 x 196 in