Carol A. Levy Monoprint “Emerging Figure” Signed + Dated 1982


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Design Plus Gallery presents a Carol A. Levy Monoprint “Emerging Figure.” Custom Framed in 1982 with the information of the artist on the back from the original gallery. Oil stick, gouache, etching and charcoal make up the gestural composition of a female figure emerging from a gray mist. Brushed steel frame complements the silver tones of the medium. Edge of watercolor paper is slightly shown within the tight framing. Signed and dated by the artist in the lower right corner with graphite. Beautifully free forms construct the masses and figures within the neutral landscape and can effortlessly mix with a variety of palettes and applications. Would be stunning above an antique wood dresser, claw foot tub or contemporary stone table.

About Artist:
“Carol A. Levy describes her painting process as a search that begins without preconceived ideas and allows for the images to emerge as a dance. Adding and subtracting paint until the canvas begins to reveal itself as a life force of its own, Levy confronts the delicate balances that exist between control and freedom, definition and abstraction and conflict and resolution. Her work explores the dynamics, rhythms, tensions, and power found in the forces of nature: the sea as metaphor, the spacious quality of air, and the grounding of the earth. Her inspirations come from the spiritual and natural worlds, the human form and the human condition. References to time and timelessness lie within the layers of paint, lines, gestures and the spaces in between. The depth and breadth of Levy’s work invites the viewer to experience the precarious journey into the unknown, the non-space where the water ends and the sky begins.” – Avenue Gallery

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Dimensions 23.25 x 30.25 in



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