Bj Katz Painted/Fused Art Glass Male Torso – 7/500


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Design PlusGallery presents Transformation Male Limited Edition Sculpture. Signed on lower right, and numbered 7/500, slumped cast glass beautifully represents the male form.

“The only woman in the male-dominated field of large-scale glass, BJ Katz, is one of the top artists working in glass today according to John Villani, Arizona Republic art critic. Katz has an impressive career as creator of commissioned glass artwork for collectors, corporations and institutions worldwide. Katz’s artwork is known for its originality, intricacy, beauty, and scale.

I specialize in designing and fabricating kiln cast glass with paints and dichroic on an architectural scale. Artwork is based on conceptual design arrived at through an engaged mutual interactional process with clients and design professionals.”

*Complementary female form may be available.

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Dimensions 19 x 5 x 31 in



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