Beth Weintraub Medusa Etching, Signed 2007


Design Plus Gallery presents a Madusa Etching by Beth Weintraub. Signed in 2007. Mounted on board. Ready to Hang. Made in San Francsico, California, USA.

Beth Weintraub
“Originally I wasn’t drawn to etching, or even printmaking. I had fouled up my class schedule during my first semester as a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence College, and couldn’t take the painting class I wanted. An available fit was printmaking, and what drew me to choose it was a paper making intensive that would take place for 4 weeks in the spring. So I started in the fall, and wouldn’t you know, by the time we began to set up the studio for making paper, I was hooked. I truly respond to the tactile nature of Intaglio etching, including aquatint, line etch, and particularly sugar lift. I also began experimenting with Silkscreen but I only learned the old school style of creating imagery, by hand, no photography. Still today, I only create with these antiquated practices, even though many more modern methods now exist. It’s a bizarre source of pride. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Dimensions 19.5 x 19.5 in



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