Antique Oriental Ming Style Alter Table. Original Price: $3,000


Design Plus Gallery presents An Antique Ming Style Altar Table. These tables are typically made of solid wood, such as rosewood, elm, or mahogany, and feature clean lines and elegant proportions. The design of a Ming style altar table is often simple and understated, with straight legs and a flat top surface. Notice the intricate carvings or inlaid designs, but overall, the focus is on the natural beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship of the piece. These tables were originally used in temples and homes as a place to display religious objects or as a surface for offering prayers and ceremonies. Today, antique Ming style altar tables are highly sought after for their historical and aesthetic value, and they are popular choices for collectors and interior decorators looking to add a touch of traditional Chinese design to their spaces. The alter is in good condition for its vintage age with some overall wear and patina.

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Dimensions 39 x 12 x 35 in



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