Antique Greek Antique Townley Urn Replicas, a Pair


Design Plus Gallery presents a Pair of Antique Townley Replica Urns. These exquisite decorative urns are crafted from cast iron and finished in a sleek black color. With intricate patterns and motifs adorning their surfaces. Though these urns are replicas, they emulate the elegance and grandeur of the original Townley urns, which were created in the late 18th century by renowned artist Charles Townley. The antique-inspired design adds a touch of Old World charm to any space and serves as a beautiful conversation piece. One of the urns in this pair is missing a washer bolt for the base screw, which can easily be replaced. Despite this minor flaw, the overall quality and beauty of these urns is not compromised. Visible wear form usage + age. Originally purchased in London.

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Dimensions 6 x 5 x 14 in



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