Andy Warhol’s Teddy Roosevelt From Cowboys and Indians, Original Print 9 of 250


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Design Plus Gallery presents Andy Warhol’s Teddy Roosevelt From Cowboys and Indians, Andy Warhol’s Teddy Roosevelt 9 of 250 is a limited-edition print created by the renowned pop artist Andy Warhol. The artwork features a portrait of the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, against a vibrant background. Warhol’s signature bold and vibrant style is evident in the use of bright colors and graphic elements. The print is part of a series of 250, all numbered and signed by the artist. It is likely that this particular piece is the ninth in the series. Each print in the series is unique, as Warhol experimented with different color combinations and techniques for each artwork. As an iconic figure in American history, Teddy Roosevelt’s image is reimagined by Warhol, representing the fusion of popular culture, politics, and art. Through his distinctive artistic approach, Warhol elevates Roosevelt’s image to the status of a modern-day celebrity, blurring the lines between high and popular culture. Highly collectible and desirable piece among art enthusiasts, reflecting the artist’s enduring legacy and influence on contemporary art. There are some scratches on the original acrylic otherwise in good condition. Certificates are faded from age.

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Dimensions 42.5 x 2 x 42.5 in



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