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Design Plus Gallery presents a Custom Design Vienna Chair produced by C. Mariani Antique’s of San Francisco by Historian + Designer Andrew Horn. The prototypes were created with the appeal to give credit and nod to the formidable Vienna Secession Movement of the late 19th Century. The Vienna Chair follows through with the decorative style of curvilinear, organic ornamental designs, as the Secessionist’s embraced geometry and abstraction in their art + architecture. This one-of-a-kind chair is created using all the possibilities of bentwood technology. The back was seamlessly formed from a curved shell with the compact sheathing of Cowtan & Tout’s Champagne Chenille Upholstery. The visibly arranged brass rivets and polished brass feet soften the Vienna’s formal appearance. Ergonomic details, such as the slightly inclined armrests, should not be overlooked. The chair is in good condition, minor wear with a small chip of veneer on back. Made in California, USA.

Additional Measurement:
Arm Height – 27 inches
Seat Height – 20 inches

Additional information

Dimensions 27 x 30 x 34 in



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