Alvar Sunol Custom Framed Limited Edition Lithograph, Signed + Numbered 02/74


Design Plus Gallery presents a Limited Edition Lithograph by Alvar. Warm, moody and contemplative, the signed piece is custom framed and matted to great effect.

“Alvar Suñol Muñoz-Ramos, known by collectors around the world as Alvar, has mastered lithography, oil painting, watercolor, gouache, drawing, and engraving, as well as sculpture. His house in Tiana, on the coast of Spain outside Barcelona, displays the variety of media in which he has worked since he painted his first still life at the age of fourteen. But Alvar has distinguished himself from other artists of his time most clearly in lithography, because of his physical involvement in every step of the lithographs production and because of the complexity of the lithographic image. At once artist and artisan, Alvar works directly on the zinc plate when creating his images, simultaneously employing his imagination, his artistic skills, and his knowledge of the mechanical process.”

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Dimensions 28.5 x 36 in



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