A. Mendoza Matador Original El Popote Straw Art


Design PlusGallery presents Matador, an original art piece by A. Mendoza. This vintage handmade folk art is signed by A. Mendoza. This straw art tableu is created using thousands of pieces of dyed straw or grass, popote in Spanish. Protected by glass and simply framed in wood.

“Andres Mendoza lived in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. A. Mendoza began his popotillo art (straw art) work in the early 1940’s – through the 1950’s. Straw art is a very tedious process of picking the straw, dying it, then cutting it into hundreds of pieces to produce a mosaic to create the image. The straw is glued down on cardboard or wood backings with a mixture of beeswax and sap to complete a beautiful piece of folk art.”

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Dimensions 27.5 x 24 in



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