19th Century Antique Oak Altar Table. Original Price: $4,000


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Design Plus Gallery presents an Antique 19th Century Oak Altar Table. A magnificent piece of furniture that exudes a sense of old-world charm and elegance. Crafted from solid oak wood, this table showcases the superb craftsmanship of the past, making it a valuable addition to any antique collection or an exquisite statement piece for any home. The table features intricate carvings with arches that lend a touch of grandeur to its overall design. These carvings are a testament to the skilled hands of the artisans who created this piece, showcasing their attention to detail and mastery in woodwork. The arches add an interesting layer of depth and complexity to the table, making it a truly exceptional and unique find. The warm and rich hue of the oak wood adds to the table’s allure, as it brings out the natural beauty and grain of the wood. This warm coloring makes it versatile enough to fit into various interior design styles, whether it be a traditional, rustic, or even a more contemporary setting. Its generous size provides ample space for various uses, from displaying treasured pieces, photographs, or books, to serving as an eye-catching centerpiece in any space. Natural distress with visible and minor wear from usage and antique age.

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Dimensions 36 x 20 x 31 in



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