1996 Walter Furlan “Homage to Picasso” Handblown Murano Glass Sculpture


Design Plus Gallery presents an Original Hand Blown Murano Glass Sculpture from the “Homage to Picasso” series, by Walter Furlan, 1996. This Beautiful Murano Glass piece was clearly inspired by Picasso’s abstract art. This multicolored, light filled piece will make an excellent accent piece to your space. It is in good condition with minor wear from age, slight small little minor chip on base. The piece has been signed and dated by the original artist.

About the Artist:
“Compelled by the events of WWII war to become the head of the family, he began to work as a young boy in the glass furnaces, alongside some of the most important masters of the time (from Alfredo Barbini to Carrara, from Maramaccio to Fuga), arriving – thanks to his tireless dedication combined with his unmistakable talent – to become a Master at the age of 20, skillfully mastering all the techniques of glass processing with a creativity capable of combining intellectual fineness and crafting knowledge.
Furlan’s passion for artists such as Chagall, Modigliani and especially Picasso, has led him to reproduce these famous painters in glass. His Marie-Thérèse and his Dora Maar portraits and his Picasso-inspired bulls, as well as the figures of Modigliani, are amongst his most recognizable and appreciated works. But the Master also collaborated with Lindstrom, Alinari, Barattini, Wagner and many others.”

Additional information

Dimensions 11.5 x 12 x 18 in



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