1990 C.Carton Slea Head Shipwreck Watercolor


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Design Plus Gallery presents a C.Carton Slea Head Shipwreck Watercolor circa 1990. Watercolor shows a shipwreck at Dunmore Head, on the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry, Ireland. The container ship lost power on this voyage during a storm. “The ship broke into two parts quickly, the stern of the ship, with the superstructure on, and the bows. In 1989, the company Eurosalve tried to scrap her, but this failed due to the inaccessibility of the wreck. The stern section of the wreck was removed in 1991, due to filming of Far and Away, which included a scene shot at Dunmore Head. Today, only the bow and some other scattered pieces of wreckage are still visible.” There is little evidence of wear, watercolor is in good condition. Artist’s signature is in the lower right corner.

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Dimensions 17 x 21 in



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