1989 Hisashi Otsuka Graceful Elegance Edition of 204 of 300. Original Price: $2,500



Design Plus Gallery presents the Painting ‘Graceful Elegance’ by Hitashi Otsuka; Signed and Dated, 1989. The meaning of the painting is centered around Lady Ise, is a renowned poetess from ancient Japan. She is known for her elegant and heartfelt writings on life and love. She is portrayed by Hisashi Otsuka, a master of contemporary Japanese art, who depicts her from behind, allowing the viewer to imagine her striking beauty based on the splendor that surrounds her. Otsuka’s use of the peony, Japan’s beloved flower, further symbolizes the loveliness of her being. The twelve kimonos trailing behind her create the effect of a painted scroll, adding an ornate touch to the overall composition. The artwork reflects the artist’s ingenuity in marrying different styles and cultures, resulting in a piece that is not only visually stunning but also encompasses a wide range of influences and inspirations. In good condition, with wear consistent with its vintage age + use. Edition 204 of 300.

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Dimensions 48 x 36 in



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