1980’s Knoll Ettore Sottsass Mandarian Side Chair


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Design Plus Gallery presets a Mid 20th Century Mandarin Side Chair by Knoll. Ettore Sottsass, who worked with Knoll on three collections between 1983 and 1988, wanted to be everything that modernism wasn’t. The founder of a half dozen design collectives—including Giuseppe Pagano, Memphis Group and Sottsass Associati—Sottsass became known for his asymmetric forms and, perhaps most of all, his flamboyant use of color, often in bold, clashing combinations. “You don’t save your soul just painting everything in white,” he once wrote. “Color can arise and be in harmony with the imperatives of structure, without destroying it.” The chair is upholstered in a fabulous geometric of grays, celedon, lavender and ivory creams. The legs are a powder coated black finish.

Additional Measurements:
Seat Height 17.5 inches

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Dimensions 18 x 21 x 32 in



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