1970’s Rattan Manila Low Fan Back Arm Chair


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Design Plus Gallery presents a 1970’s Rattan Manila Low Back Arm Chair. Through the 1920s, this design became popular with celebrity photographers, who often used it as a prop for portraits. Rattan furniture has a long history in photography studios they allow for ventilation, which helps subjects stay comfortable under hot studio lights, and it was a natural progression that this iteration would make its way in front of the camera. Also known as a peacock chair and thrown chair, popularity ebbed and flowed. It dipped in the 1930s and during the Great Depression. The Tiki craze in the 1950s reignited its popularity, and in the 1960s it reached a fever pitch. Great addition for any space. Showcase them together or separately. Arm Height 24.75 inches, Seat Height 16.25 inches

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Dimensions 32 x 29 x 39 in



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