1920’s Century Furniture Grand Rapids Extension Table


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Design Plus Gallery presents an Antique Mahogany Dining Room Table from Century Fine Furniture, circa 1920s. This antique solid mahogany extension dining room table is a true masterpiece in terms of both craftsmanship and design. The presence of heavily carved legs and apron immediately catches the eye, showcasing the attention to detail and artistry. The apron, encircling the table, boasts a unique stacked scalloped edge, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The intricate carvings of scrolls and florals that adorn the apron further enhance its beauty, creating a visually stunning focal point. At the center of the table, a small circular pedestal base provides a sturdy foundation while maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal. The opposing ends of the table feature semi-circular extensions with equally intricate carvings, mirroring the detailing found on the rest of the piece. The combination of solid mahogany and the artful carvings showcases the timeless beauty of this dining room table. Its exquisite design and craftsmanship make it an exceptional addition to any space, adding a touch of antique charm and sophistication. General wear that is considered good for an antique piece. Visible wear minor chipping on extensions + discoloration on surface. Wear from usage + age. Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Additional Measurements:
Extensions(2) – 30 inches
Overall Length: 144 inches

Additional information

Dimensions 84-144 x 48 x 31 in



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