Universal Furniture Gibson Mahogany + Bronze Dining Table. Original Price: $1,755


Design Plus Gallery presents a Universal Furniture Mahogany + Bronze Dining Table. The Gibson Table is an inviting piece that brings panache to any home. Surface is a rich mahogany veneer with a star inlay pattern. There is visible wear however and the table could use restoration. Bronze legs are in good condition and protrude through the surface for a sculptural and modern effect. Original leafs are missing. Coordinating Cooper chairs by Universal Furniture might be available.

About Company:
“Universal Furniture is giving the American furniture industry a run for its money! They provide individuals and families with superior furnishings that are not only reflective of the current trends but manufactured with superior materials sourced to last. However, unlike most companies that outsource their manufacturing overseas, Universal remains a proud Asian company.”

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Dimensions 88 x 40 x 30 in



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