Robert Kinyon Geode, an Original Installation


Design Plus Gallery presents an Original Artwork by Artist Robert Charles Kinyon. The Acrylic & Epoxy Resin Geode (Blue), Abstract installation is a meditation on nature. Little evidence of wear; overall good condition. Signed.

About Artist:
Robert Charles Kinyon was born on October 17th, 1965. Relocating to the Bay Area after growing up in a small rural town in Southern California, Mr. Kinyon focused his early ambitions on formal liberal arts becoming a self/on-the-job taught accountant and corporate services executive. As time went by, the whimsical youth was overthrown by maturity and wisdom, and Robert developed a love of creation and nature. As before, Robert is self-taught or mentored by his beloved matriarchs (Patricia Kinyon, Nancy Butler and Shirley Brewton). Early mediums include carpentry, sewing and needlework. Robert has done everything from the design aspect to selling his creations within the San Francisco Bay Area. He has pieces on display permanently at UCSF Medical Center Parnassus and the LGBTQ Center of San Francisco.

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Dimensions 29 x 0.75 x 23 in



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