Rare Helmut Newton Original International Exhibition Poster “Private Property”


Design Plus Gallery presents a Rare Helmut Newtwon Original International Exhibition Poster “Private Property”. Art Framed original exhibition Poster Global Exhibition “Private Property”Image titled “Woman into Man”. Signed by artist artist Helmut Newton. Art form: Lithograph printed by Gerard Commarieu, Helmut Newton’s LA printer. Featuring First Supermodel Gia CarangiSuit by Yves St. Laurent. The location is George V Hotel, Paris, France Commissioned, first published Vogue France, 1979. Newton’s pictures reflect in the highest aesthetic quality an obsession with human vanity, from female exhibitionism to male voyeurism. With technical perfection, an extremely detailed style and a relentless directness, Newton staged the never-ending psychodrama that contrasts glamour with the need for admiration, self-confidence with the desire for self-presentation, and Eros with Thanatos. Private Property was originally a three-part portfolio containing 45 Black & White photographs. It includes Newton’s best work from the period. The story behind the photo:Helmut Newton had a penchant for the risqué. Helmut Newton’s pictures, a lot of them were very racy and avant-garde. They were exciting to look at. They were different. It wasn’t just a pose of a model in a pretty dress. It made people think. In this photograph, two models engage in a sexually-charged moment. From afar, they appear to be a man and a woman, but the model on the is right actually a woman, model Robin Osler, wearing Yves Saint Laurent’s gender-bending “Le Smoking” suit. Co-Director of Iconic Focus Models, Patty Sicular, tells the story of the day Osler booked this shoot:“So Robin went to Vogue Paris along with a million other models and they had to stash models on all these different floors because so many people showed up wanting to work with Helmut Newton. And Helmut Newton barged out of a room with a beer in one hand and said to all the girls, “Girls, I’m going to look at all of you at once. I’m really hungry and I really want to go to lunch.” And he just walked straight over to Robin, examined her face and said, “You’re the one. Thank you everyone else. You can all go home.” And they booked Robin Osler. For Newton, Robin Osler had that indescribable “it” factor. What, then, are the makings of a great fashion model?Says Sicular “For models that do more fashion, you have to give something back to get that picture, and you have to move well and have expressions and try daring things and crazy things. It’s like being a silent screen actor or actress. Look how strong Gia looks in that picture. Gia Carangi is the model on the left, who brazenly puts one hand on Osler’s torso. Their intimate pose creates a pattern for the eye to follow, starting at the hands and outturned elbows, and ending at their faces, connected by their cigarettes. Carangi is presented as provocative, and Osler androgynous. Together, in this photograph, they express the evolving ideals of femininity. Signed on bottom. Visible wear on the white finish frame.

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