Patricia Selin “Tuscan” Large Original Oil Painting. Original Price: $4,500


$2,199.00 $1,099.00

Design Plus Gallery presents “Tuscan” an Original Oil Painting by Patricia Selin. The changing time does not reveal all its secrets at once, but test the imagination. Rhapasodic colors, a rhythmic composition and textural surface creates the drama. No wires installed for hanging.

“Every painting begins with the color of the mood I’m in. Then, as I mass the color on the canvas, the I see emerging suggest the direction the painting should go.” The process is part inspiration, part calculation, part instincts and discovery, and part technique and knowledge. She paints from all directions turning the canvas on her easel, to assure the composition is balanced no matter how it is hung and signs on the back so the collector can hang it any of four ways.

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Dimensions 62 x 45 in



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