Original Figurative Painting by Mid-Century Artist Walter Philipp


Design Plus Gallery presents a whimsical painting by Walter Philipp, a New York City artist who painted in the mid 1940s-1960. Not his typical subject, the painting depicts a lively gathering.

Walter Philipp was part of The Art Students League of New York in the mid 1940’s. He was discovered while waiting tables in the 58th Street Delicatessen. The director of The Artist Students League of New York saw his work in the deli and offered him a one man exhibition. He sold out that show and became the talk of the New York City art scene of its time. Later he started to exhibit his works around the city, and was featured in Life Magazine (March 15, 1948). He painted mainly in watercolor and mixed media normally signed “Philipp”. Famous for New York Cityscapes, Floral Still Life, and Clown’s.

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Dimensions 25.5 x 29.5 in



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