NEW Jose Maria Clark Acrylic on Canvas “Poussière Et Lait”


Design Plus Gallery presents an Original Painting “Poussière et lait” by Artist Jose Maria Clark.
A vibrant Acrylic on Canvas. Painted in San Francisco, California. USA. Signed + dated 2022.

Biography on Jose M . Clark —
“I hold a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Instituto Technológico de Sonora and have worked for many years in all aspects of fashion and product design. My creative expression is built on a deep understanding of technical processes, material qualities, and fabrication techniques. I have a great appreciation and curiosity for natural forms, complex systems, chemical reactions and the transformations of color, shape, and form in response to time, manipulation, and physical forces.

In my paintings I am seeking immediacy. I have developed my own unique techniques and tools to let the paintings develop in harmony with the force of my body, interaction of viscosities, paint saturation points, densities, and color combinations.

I build my paintings layer by layer to develop them into an organic whole where the chaos and uncertain outcome of each layer either expel, absorb, or commingle with the sub-layer, radiating an underlying harmony and frequency — capturing a fluid moment in the finished work governed by larger natural forces: time, gravity, density, force and bond.” -Jose M . Clark

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Dimensions 48 x 48 in



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