Karastan Original Karastan Panel Kirman Multi 717 Area Rug – 11′6″ × 14′2″. Original Price: $7,749


Design Plus Gallery presents a Karastan Original Karastan Panel Kirman Multi 717 Area Rug.
This signature Karastan collection has come to exemplify style, luxury and beauty. By incorporating the timeless and classic elements of Oriental rug design. Visible wear on edges.

About the Rug.
“Premium fully worsted New Zealand wool and represent a standard of excellence in wool rugs. The colors used in creation of this collection have been individually skein dyed, Axminster woven and finished with Karastans patented Lustre- Wash process to create the look and feel of the magnificent hang knotted rug that inspired it.

The trademark patterns and colors so closely associated with the rugs of ancient Persias Kirman region are actually the work of shawl makers. Though Kirmans rug weaving renown dates back to the early 16th century, it was the declining demand for their wares in the late 1800s that led shawl makers to develop the graceful style and intense coloration Kirman rugs became so famed for around the world; a style and coloration so beautifully illustrated here in this 50 color Multicolor Panel Kirman rug.” – Karastan

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