Helen Leroy-Adler Original Acrylic on Canvas Exuberance


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Design Plus Gallery presents Exuberance, an Original Oil on Canvas by Helen Leroy-Adler. Titled perfectly, the wild rush of color and shape is a joy and centerpiece in any space.

About Artist:
“Artist has exhibited in the bay area and Switzerland for the last 15 years. Art for art sakes alone. After finishing peace, I forget that I have been her maker. Only a neat feeling of closeness remains and unites me to the fruit of my womb. I see creativity as a pure moment of openness, or some cosmic inspiration and acquired knowledge merge. I hope my artwork and this is the viewers to meditate, prompting them to push the boundaries of the aesthetic to discover more of their own core with a manifest outer joy.”

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Dimensions 30 x 40 in



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