GT Designs Coconutrug Aria Aperta Custom Rug – 6′6″ × 17′10″


Design Plus Gallery presents a Coconutrug Aria Aperta Custom Size Rug for G.T. Designs. Handloomed using top quality coconut fiber woven with multicolor polyester fibers, Coconutrug Aria Aperta is irreplaceable when a layer is required to protect the floor. In areas subjected to heavy traffic, in homes with pets, holiday homes, at the seaside or in the mountains. it wears beautifully. Made in Italy. Light evidence of wear on edges, few spots; good overall condition.

“Deanna Comellini: “The rug is the earth-platform on which we were born. It is just like us. It is the first element in the creation of an intimate and domestic atmosphere. In the home, it represents the scent, the habits, the poetry. The rug is an archaic symbol that G.T.DESIGN transforms into something contemporary, a part of everyday life, a sign that indicates the boundaries of our personal space.”

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