Eastlake Design Walnut Sideboard Cabinet


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Design Plus Gallery presents an Eastlake Buffetwith Mirror Back from England. Quite a stunning piece of furniture that combines elegance and functionality. Made from high-quality walnut wood, the buffet features intricate carving details on the front which gives it a touch of timeless beauty. The buffet is characterized by its Eastlake style, which emerged during the late 19th century and is known for its clean lines, geometric patterns, and emphasis on handcrafted details. The Eastlake style often incorporates elements of other design movements, such as Gothic revival and Aestheticism, resulting in a unique and visually appealing piece. The buffet consists of a spacious main storage area divided by a vertical panel, offering ample space to store tableware, linens, and other household items. The doors of the buffet are often adorned with carved motifs enhancing its visual appeal. The buffet comes apart in three pieces for ease of transport. In good condition with visible wear that is consistent with its antique age + use.

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Dimensions 84 x 28 x 55 in



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