Byron Galvez “Uno Paso” Abstract Acrylograph, Hand-Signed + Numbered


Design Plus Gallery presents “Uno Paso (One Step) by Byron Galvez, 1941-2009. The Mexican artist is known for his painting but also created sculpture, including monumental works. This figural piece is hand-signed and hand-numbered 31/250. The image is an Acrylograph on heavy paper. (Acrylography is a technique that consists of using a number of acrylic plates that contain textures created with resins, powdered marble or coal that give consistency to the texture. Thistechnique has the great advantage that as the artist is working each plate he can enrich tones and textures at the moment of printing.) Fingerhut Group Publishers, professionally mounted and framed.

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Dimensions 48 x 48 in



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