Brett Weston’s 1981 “Underwater Nude”


Design Plus Gallery presents Underwater Nude, 1981 by Brett Weston. A stunning photograph that is characterized by its unique blend of abstraction and sensual beauty. These photographs capture the human form in a dreamlike, otherworldly setting, creating a sense of timelessness and mystery. In Weston’s underwater images, bodies float gracefully, seemingly weightless in the water. The play of light and shadow creates an ethereal atmosphere, with the water acting as both a veil and a mirror. The translucency of the water adds a layer of distortion to the human form, highlighting the fluidity of movement and blurring the boundaries between the body and its surroundings. While Weston’s underwater nudes are undoubtedly erotic and sensual, they also possess a sense of grace and tranquility. There is a sense of vulnerability and surrender, as the subjects float suspended in the water, seemingly unaware of the camera’s presence.In terms of technique, Weston often used a large format camera with a wide-angle or fish-eye lens to capture the expansive underwater scenes. He also experimented with different positions and angles, resulting in a variety of composition and perspective. The photograph is signed, dated, in matte and framed with minor evidence of wear.

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Dimensions 22 x 27 in



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