Ben Frost “Life” Signed Limited Edition Print


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Design Plus Gallery presents a “Life” Signed Limited Edition Print by Ben Frost. Unique composition collides staples of pop culture and childhood. Print is signed in the bottom right and from his well known series “Ben Frost is Dead.”

About Artist:
“Australian born artist Ben Frost is known for his kaleidoscopic Pop Art, mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photorealism and sign-writing.

He has been exhibiting throughout the world for the last 12 years and has been involved in his own share of controversy. In 2000, he faked his own death for an exhibition suitably titled ‘Ben Frost is Dead’ which made national news in Australia. His painting ‘White Children Playing’ caused a stir for its graphic depiction of children using drugs and a masked and disgruntled assailant slashed one of the paintings in his exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane. Police also tried to remove one of his collaborative artworks in an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney because of its graphic nature. He also began and continues to run the Australian -1XRun”

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Dimensions 32 x 42 in



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