Aztec Camera Copper Repousse, a Diptych


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Design Plus Gallery presents a Diptych Aztec Camera Copper Repousse. Two pieces of copper were hammered from the back to produce a low relief design. The slimmer piece is mostly black with a red/black side, and features lines from hammered accents that resemble a rope. The wider piece has similar line accents on its left and is mostly red/black. An abundance of hammered accents create an outward circle with a black and cream center. The backs are reinforced with wood and have hanging cords for mounting. Artist’s 1994 signature is on the bottom right. Minor wear from use; diptych is in good condition.

Additional Measurements:
Big Piece: 30W x 2D x 44H Inches
Small Piece: 10W x2D x 44H Inches

*Note: Complementary artworks from same collection may be available.

Additional information

Dimensions 42 x 44 in



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