Anthropologie Mina Sofa + Custom Blue Velvet Upholstery With Yellow Trim. Original Price: $3,500


Design Plus Gallery presents the Mina Sofa from Anthropologie with Custom Blue Velvet Upholstery with Yellow Trim. Take advantage of this funky mid-century design with its douse of fun in its chosen luscious blue velvet upholstery. The ‘party’ sofa design is a great focal point in your home or entertaining space as the seating opens up to hold people at every angle. Gorgeous yellow trim to really pack a punch of style. Was reupholstered. Minor surface condition, slight tear between back and seat cushion and minor staining. In good condition with visible and minor wear.

Additional Measurements:
Seat Height: 19 inches

Additional information

Dimensions 94 x 36 x 30 in



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