Anatoly Metland ‘Impeccable Performance’ Violinist in White, Double Framed. Original Price: $10,300


Design Plus Gallery presents the ‘Impeccable Performance’ by Anatoly Metland. His elegant series of the feminine musician being presented either before or after they performance. This phase of his artistic career led to his latest series of musically-inspired works. He portrays elegantly-dressed women wielding violins, saxophones, and other instruments. Each woman is delicately posed, whether they’ve just finished a performance or are about to step on stage to begin.In addition to a love of art, Metlan’s mother was a violin player. As such, Metlan expresses the nostalgia of his childhood and love for his mother through the portrayal of musical women.

“Celebrating female beauty, both physical and spiritual, is an aim of any creative person,” Metlan says. “It’s not an easy task.”

The painting is exquisitely double framed with a double matting at various heights to elevate this beauty in a completely unique and astounding way. In good condition with little surface wear or conditions.

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Dimensions 35 x 3 x 47 in



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