Amish Lincoln Rustic Plank Square Dining Pedestal Table. Original Price: $1,750


Design Plus Gallery presents an Amish Lincoln Rustic Plank Square Dining Table Pedestal Solid Wood Furniture from New Hickory Wholesale. The Lincoln dining table is perfect for a large family! With the added space that is acquired with a square shape, you’ll find this table much roomier than a standard round table of the same diameter. A single pedestal base is the perfect compliment in creating a striking design. The top is planked wood. Does not come with extensions. Minor wear. Made in USA.

About Company:
“Northern Indiana is home to an extraordinary group of skilled Amish craftsmen. Among their day to day chores and travels by horse and carriage, lies the skilled trade of handcrafting exquisite furniture. Handed down from generation to generation, their skills begin as young men and develop over years as they each begin to create their own look and feel of this distinct furniture. Void of electricity and the most common of necessities, they continue to forge their way in this competitive market and are able to remain in the forefront of the furniture industry.”

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Dimensions 54 x 54 x 30 in



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