19th Century Burmese Lka-Lauk Bronze Buffalo Bell


Design Plus Gallery presents a Bronze Buffalo Bell from 19th Century Burmese, a Lka-Lauk. The Burmese bronze hka-lauk, or clonk bell, also known as the ‘water buffalo bell,’ originates from Myanmar during the Mandalay period under the reign of King Minton. This exceptional artifact has been intricately hand-crafted by skilled indigenous Hill Tribe village blacksmiths using traditional methods. The hka-lauk is cast in homemade lost wax crucibles, where molten bronze is poured into molds and left to cool and solidify. This delicate process requires tremendous skill and precision, as the blacksmiths strive to achieve a flawless final product. The hka-lauk features looped handles on either side, which serve the purpose of attaching a rope to be fastened around the neck of the water buffalo. Rich in patina due to age.

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Dimensions 7 x 1 x 10 in



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