1996 J.M. Llanera JR Original Painting


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Design Plus Gallery presents an Original Painting by Artist J.M. Llanera Jr. The framed painting depicts a breathtaking scene of a majestic bald eagle soaring gracefully over a tranquil lake. The trees, lush and verdant, add a touch of natural beauty and provide a sense of depth and perspective to the painting. In the distance, towering mountains covered with dense forests create a stunning backdrop. The mountains seem to stretch endlessly into the horizon, their peaks dusted with a fresh layer of snow. The artist has skillfully captured the beauty and grandeur of the mountains, showcasing their ruggedness and serenity. The focal point of the painting, however, is the eagle in flight with its catch, it glides effortlessly through the air, its wings spread wide. The artist has perfectly captured the eagle’s grace and power, making it the undisputed star of the painting. One of the most enchanting aspects of the artwork is the shimmering water of the lake. The artist has masterfully captured the play of light on water, as the rays of the sun dance on its surface. The shimmering effect gives the water an almost ethereal quality, adding a touch of enchantment to the scene. There is a minor marking on the painting. Visible and minor wear from usage + age. Custom framed and matted. Signed 1996.

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Dimensions 48 x 24 in



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