1920’s Trifold Mirrored + Wood Vanity


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Design Plus Gallery presents a 1920’s Trifold Mirrored + Wood Vanity. Crafted from solid woods, this vanity features a rich, dark finish. The woodwork has ornate carvings and delicate trim that showcase the craftsmanship of the era. The centerpiece of this vanity is the trifold mirrored design. The three mirrors have beautifully beveled edges that catch and reflect light, creating a visually stunning effect. The mirrors are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect angle for applying makeup or styling your hair. The vanity also offers plenty of storage space. It features several drawers and compartments, perfect for storing all your beauty essentials. The knobs and handles have an intricate design that adds a vintage touch to the piece. Has visual signs of wear due to antique age but still considered good condition. One drawer does not have a stopper and can be pushed in further in. The mirrors are antiques with visible markings and distressed from age. Does not come with a key.

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Dimensions 52 x 20 x 68 in



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